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Sustainability Policy


Commitments of Al Fresco Management:

  • Comply with the current regulations applicable to Sustainable Tourism, promoting the continuous improvement of its processes.

  • Ensure proper management of natural resources and waste.

  • Active policy to avoid food waste, saving over 250 meals in 2020.

  • We have 21 vegetarian dishes on the menu and occasionally reduce meat dishes.

  • Involve stakeholders to encourage environmental performance improvement in all activities, products, and services.

  • Promote awareness and environmental training programs among the team, fostering personal and professional growth, aiming for better working conditions, health, and safety.

  • Whenever possible, we avoid the use of plastic.

Social Responsibility

Our commitment to the well-being of the community is reflected in the creation of various partnerships with local companies, supporting them in the promotion and organization of their activities, as well as in fundraising efforts.

We carry out initiatives that foster interaction between local associations and employees, facilitating the sharing and exchange of knowledge and experiences, and community support.

Continuous learning and education are promoted in various professional areas within the company through training actions and awareness initiatives.

  • Efforts to keep the restaurant open year-round, counteracting seasonality;

  • Our hiring policy is focused on the local community and aims to promote its economic and social development.

Purchasing Policy

A política de compras do Al Fresco apesar de ser um restaurante Italiano ,  é orientada para que os produtos frescos sejam regionais, como forma de promover o desenvolvimento da economia  regional e de poupar o ambiente a longos e diferentes processos de transporte.

 - Comprar com responsabilidade - Mantemos um processo de seleção de fornecedores com base em critérios rigorosos e exigentes, tendo em conta o princípio fundamental da sustentabilidade.

 - Respeito pelo meio ambiente - Procuramos fornecedores respeitadores do meio ambiente e que colocam em prática as normas nacionais e internacionais neste domínio.

 - Preferência por reutilizáveis temos sempre disponíveis bens reutilizáveis e reciclados. 

 - Promover a alimentação saudável - Contribuímos para uma alimentação saudável dos nossos trabalhadores e clientes, oferecendo os melhores e mais frescos produtos disponíveis.

 - Sempre que possível compramos produtos cultivados localmente.

Food Safety

Our policy consists of providing safe and high-quality food, ensuring that:

  • Food is prepared and handled according to good hygiene practices to minimize the risks of food poisoning.

  • Facilities and equipment are kept clean and hygienic.

  • All reasonable precautions are taken to prevent acts against food safety, using effective management systems and procedures for this purpose.

Quality commitment

Our mission is to serve our customers, contributing to their satisfaction through continuous improvement. The goal is for all our customers to feel at home and to keep coming back.


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